Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs - Too Good To Throw
Dozen Free Range Eggs

Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs – Too Good To Throw



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You know that thought you have when you look at something, like your favourite jumper that has a few imperfections, and you think “Its still too good to throw away”, but you know its better days are behind it? Well, we have some eggs just like that. These eggs have under 4 weeks use by date on them, so still plenty of life in them yet, just like that jumper – don’t throw them out! We’ve reduced the price of some limited stock so we can clear them out quickly, we set ourselves some pretty high standards at WesEggs, and want to ensure you’re always getting the best quality from our products.

Who doesn’t love a good egg? We certainly do! Its no secret how we get our good eggs….let the chickens be chickens. Simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Add in our passion and desire in regenerative farming methods and, boom, good eggs!  True to our word, our chickens are ‘pasture raised and free to roam’ AND you can taste it in our eggs.

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Half Dozen min. 300g, Half Dozen min. 350g, Dozen min. 600g, Dozen min. 700g, Tray (30 eggs) min. 1500g, Tray (30 eggs) min. 1750g

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