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Introducing ‘From The Farmer’ By WesEggs

We’re bringing the farmer’s market to you!

From the Farmer by WesEggs delivers our premium free-range eggs as well as other nourishing country produce directly to homes and businesses across Melbourne, Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast.

We’re passionate about championing farm produce and supporting other farmers.

Our milk and yogurt come from Inglenook Dairy, the butter is from Lard Ass, and we source our bacon from Barongarook Pork. We stock Dads Oats, sourced from a family business of five generations.

Additionally, we have goats cheese from Meredith Dairy and Apiary Honey, which is organically produced in Wensleydale in the Otway Ranges. We also supply jams, relishes, and marmalades, as well as Otway Pasta and Manzanillo Grove olive oil.

We will expand our range based on demand, so please let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like us to stock.


Wes Humpage Egg Farmer
From The Farmer By WesEggs - farmgate produced delivered direct to your door!

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Our ladies are ready to provide you with the most delicious eggs, in addition to our beautiful range of locally-sourced country produce!

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The Farm

Our vision at WesEggs is to be a family owned producer and purveyor of genuine and true, pasture raised free range eggs. To be an industry leader, that is economically successful and socially responsible, by using sustainable and regenerative farming methods.

Our ladies do not have trimmed beaks or clipped wings. WesEggs hens have the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviour of scratching and foraging for insects, wings flapping and dust batheing. A natural high protein diet, not only improves the health and happiness of the hen, but also the egg quality. Read more…

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