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We’ve been selling Xav and Laura’s amazing bacon for a long time now, and when they approached us with this new product, we knew we had to jump on board. They’ve teamed up with local beef producer (Pelican Rise Limousin Stud) and lamb producer (Lockharts Lamb) and are putting together meat packs.

10kg box (guide only)

1 x 2kg lamb leg roast
1x 2kg rolled pork shoulder or belly
1 x 2kg beef corned silverside
2 x porterhouse steaks
1kg lamb loin chops
500g gravy beef
1kg pork mince/sausages
300g bacon
1kg smoked ham

6kg box (guide ony)

1 x 1.5kg lamb shoulder roast
1 x 1.5kg pork or beef roast
2 x rump steaks
1kg beef mince/sausages
800g pork ribs
300g bacon
This is a guide only as box contents will vary.

Xavier and Laura from Barongarook Pork, are based just outside of Colac. A young family owned and operated business, with plenty of passion and determination to back them. Why do we back them? Its simple, their vision closely aligns with ours (but obviously with pigs and not chickens!), to produce real pork from pigs raised in open paddocks. We even love that Xavier’s passion to begin a pasture raised pig farm began from a school project where he raised three heritage breed pigs – its sounding more and more like Wes.

Barongarook Pork raises rare breeds of heritage pigs, Why? Its helps them produce full flavour, tasty pork, and of course with amazing crackling!!!!

We promise you that by supporting Barongarook Pork, you will never want to eat any other brand of pork again and just as importantly, you can be assured that these pigs are genuinely cared for and loved, spending their days roaming the paddocks and sneaking into the apple trees!

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