Geelong Free range eggs

The Farm

Our vision at WesEggs is to be a family owned producer and purveyor of genuine and true, pasture raised free range eggs. To be an industry leader, that is economically successful and socially responsible, by using sustainable and regenerative farming methods.

How are we going to do all of this we can hear you asking?

No trimmed beaks or clipped wings

Our ladies do not have trimmed beaks or clipped wings. WesEggs hens have the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviour of scratching and foraging for insects, wings flapping and dust batheing. A natural high protein diet, not only improves the health and happiness of the hen, but also the egg quality.

Alfie the Alpaca

Meet “Alfie” the Alpaca. He is our fierce flock protector. WesEggs hens have the freedom from fear and distress.
Alfie is incredibly alert to any person or animal that is approaching his paddock, he considers the paddock his territory. Having said this, Alfie is a very gentle animal. However, it is his instinct to rid his paddock of any predators, this includes – foxes, eagles and kangaroos. If Alfie spots danger, he will emit a piercing scream, spit at them (nobody likes to be spat at!) and chase them off the land. If the predator persists Alfie will stamp at or on them. This is usually enough to stop the return. PHEW! Our ladies are safe!

Sustainable farming methods

Our farming methods are extensive by definition and are highly focused on sustainable and regenerative farming practices. This means that the production of our eggs uses farming techniques that improve the environment, protect public health, human communities and animal welfare.
We are a 100% chemical and toxin free zone! We will not degrade soil, waterways or any other natural resource. We treat our hens with care and respect, our hens are pasture raised and free to roam.

Mobile hen houses

WesEggs hens are housed in mobile hen houses. These sheds are moved around our farm in a process called “cell grazing” every 4 – 7 days. The mobile hen houses follow a small herd of cattle around, the cattle keep the pasture down to a level which allows the hens to forage and search for all the natural offerings, the hens also provide natural pasture improving fertiliser. This allows the pasture to be grazed, disturbed and then rested for a period of time. This grazing and rest cycle is pivotal in our regenerative pasture management.

Latest technology

Wes is an industrial automation electrician and as well as chickens, has a passion for process automation. So, WesEggs uses the latest technology in our mobile houses to monitor not only the health of the ladies but to provide up to date information on environmental conditions. Our hens have freedom from pain, injury and disease, by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment. Automated hen houses assist us in ensuring this happens.